Monday, 11. December

LIVE: Tropical Trash (Load Rec.), Support: Brutal Birthday (Load Rec.)

Tropical Trash (Louisville, Usa - Load Rec., Riot Season)

externer link www.tropicaltrash.bandcamp.com
externer link www.facebook.com/TROPICAL-TRASH-140334799370234

Kentucky’s Tropical Trash paint a portrait of a band in the throes of a gnarly identity crisis: punchy quickies that straddle hardcore and brownout punk; prickly, atonal half-hour jams that imply psychological warfare; plus the sort of outre, unclassifiable anti-music one might expect Byron Coley to extol in his Wire magazine “Size Matters” column.

Brutal Birthday (Bologna/Verona, Italia - feat. His Clancyness, Stromboli, Hallelujah! members)

Obsessive and somewhat rotten noise-punk from the gutter, atonal & mono-note, played by members of Hallelujah!, Stromboli, The Mountain Moon, Buzz Aldrin e His Clancyness. Semi-recommended for fans of
Flipper, Puffy Aerolas, Siltbreeze, Clockcleaner, AmpRep and another crap. Unpretentious.

externer link www.facebook.com/brutalbirthday

Fb-Event: externer link

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