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Hush Pup / Pilot Jr / Bitten by

Wednesday, 18. April

Atmospheric pop music at FLUC brought to you by:

Hush Pup (CANADA)

“..Defined as traditional dream pop in the vein of Cocteau Twins, Broadcast, Sally Oldfield; etc… Hush Pup are deeply involved with the DIY music comunities in both Toronto and on Canada´s west coast. Recently performing at a number of music festivals (Sled Island, NXNE, Real Love, Pretty Good Not Bad) all in support of their latest physical release, Waterwings, on Shake!/Legwarmer Records. During the fall of 2017 the duo performed on dates supporting the stunning synthest, Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith for her newest release “The Kid” on Western Vinyl. Ida and Fizzy from HUSH PUP are also sometime members of ambient pop group, White Poppy (Not Not Fun). Ida has recently leant vocals to David Carriere from TOPS debut solo record on Arbutus Records, Toronto´s psych kraut band MIMICO´s newest full length produced by Justin Smalls of Do Make Say Think, and Toronto producer TENDERNESS.. ”

externer link www.hushpup.bandcamp.com/

externer link www.chartattack.com/news/2014/08/07/take-space-lobster-tour-hush-pup-swimming-music-video/

Bitten By

” ..Bitten By is an Austrian synthpop solo-project from
Vienna by Patricia Ziegler. The sound of Bitten By is heavily influenced by french synth-pop acts and strong female figures like Kate Bush and Grimes, and balances itself between bittersweet agony and hypnotizing pop anthems. Wide and flickering synths and intricate vocal layers, that carry a bittersweet melancholy, fill the backgrounds of her songs which are mainly produced by the artist herself. ”

Pilot Jr.

Prog Pop with subtle nods to post rock and orchestral rock music.

externer link www.soundcloud.com/pilotjr
externer link www.pilotjr.com

FB-Event: externer link

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