Lavender Fields / Aramboa

Thursday, 17. May


“Lavender Fields opened with her experimental music. Her sound washes over you in a pleasant manner. You find yourself swaying and bouncing to her reggae, dub and electronic sound. She is a Long Beach native who is not only a fine musician, but a producer as well. She creates environmentally conscious music and has said “When making music, I intend to elevate the listener´s mood and bring well being through music.” Her first full-length album is due to be released later this year and it´s definitely worth a listen.” (Dean Birkheimer)

externer link www.lavenderfieldsmusic.com


Downbeat, Triphop, IDM, Neo-Soul, Bass Music, Dupstep, Jazz - that are all insufficient terms, if you want to describe the sound of Aramboa. The real essence of the musical style the austrian producer Moritz Scharf and voalist Elena Shirin want to create is the fusion of these characteristic elements. Energetic and complex beats build the foundation for hypnotic and expressiv harmonies of analogic and synthetic instruments, wich circulate around the subtile but still powerfull performance of the vocal tracks. In spite of sounding more electronic on the first studio-album, Aramboa`s Live-Performance is substantially driven by Keyboard, Guitar, Trumpet and the acoustic colours of live-bassoon. So far Aramboa played at Waves Festival, Tallinn Music Week, Donaukanaltreiben, Fluc, Cafè Leopold, Grelle Forelle, Stadtwerkstadt Linz, WUK, Jazz:it, Arge Salzburg, Madhou5e Linz, Brimbamborium Festival in Munich and a lot more venues. After releasing their first Album ‘Mereon Matrix’ on slovakias Gergaz Rec. they got rewarded as Soundpark ‘Act of the Month’ by radio FM4 having several tracks on rotation.

Vocals: Elena Shirin
Guitar: Moritz Scharf
Trumpet/ Keys: Lukas Moser
Trombone: Max Rehrl

externer link www.facebook.com/aramboaofficial

DJ Coast2c (Mexiko City/Portland)

externer link www.soundcloud.com/coast2c/sove-lomeone
externer link www.soundcloud.com/coast2c/house-and-magic

FB-Event:externer link

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