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bAgg fish / DJ Mr Moneypenny

Mittwoch, 8. September


Michael Fischer - tenor- and analog feedback-saxophone (Vienna)
Marcos Baggiani - drums (Amsterdam)
guest: Vinicius Cajado - double bass (NYC/Wien)

BAGG*FISH - an energetic and poetic impro and noise duo, with a psychedelic manic touch, a researcher surfing on the unstable feedback and an always convincing versatile drummer sharing the trip, this time extended by the commited, free and curageous double bass player Vinicius Cajado.
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Tim Owen, Dalston sound:
”Fischer´s feedback sax sounds more like feedback electric guitar than anything you´d hear from John Butcher … fretboard runs blend with vocalisations … Fischer plays in hoarsely vocalised breath-bursts, much like Peter Brötzmann does in combustible duos with drummers Paal Nilssen-Love or Steve Noble.

Eyal Hareuveni, All About Jazz:
”…The two were determined to redefine the sonic options of such a duo… experimental, risk-taking …, mischievous, driving rhythms, and poetic resonance. … Spiritual, inventive, and flowing with nervous energy … no doubt that bAggfisH created their own, highly idiosyncratic sound universe.*

Michael Ternai, musicaustria:
”Both highly respected and innovative minds of the international improvisation and electro-acoustic scene stand out as the perfect duo for overcoming all sorts of musical and stylistic concepts and definitions. … between the poles of improvised music, electronic noise, new music, free jazz, punk, post-rock and sound art …”

FB-Event: externer link

Auf der fluc-Marina: Mr. Moneypenny, aus Hamburg zugereister Sänger, Entertainer und DJ. Auch nach vielen Jahren in Wien pflegt er noch immer seine Funk-Kontakte in den Norden und bespielt mit seiner Band The Soul Agents regelmäßig die Bühnen beider Metropolen. Als DJ in der Filmbar und im Cafè Frame beheimatet, hat er im Gepäck zumeist Rare Groove an der Schnittmenge aus Jazz, Funk, Afro, Soundtrack, Library und Schlager.


Afro, Jazz, Latin, Reggae, Electronic, Global Beats, Hip Hop, Funk, Soul and more….

externer link www.mixcloud.com/SabrosoVienna/polyversal-walk-w-mr-moneypenny

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