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Donnerstag, 8. September

Hello fellow dackel and dackel to become,

DackelKlub is a community-oriented dance and after-work event that seeks to represent and connect the diverse participants of Vienna´s nightlife every second Thursday. Dackelklub is centered around the co-contestants of Vienna´s long nights, whether dancers, bouncers, hosts, bar-people, cooks etc.
Our aim at Dackelklub is to create an atmosphere to connect. Either on the dance floor or beside of it, enjoying the Fluc terrasse! In that manner our artists serve you the sound to wackel (as in bobble-head). [sorry for explaining a joke mainly working in German].

The DackelKlub is an event series presented by the With-The-Love-Agency. The Agency is focused on improving interactions and the communication between all actors throughout the Viennese nightlife. For us to come together as inclusive as possible.
We don´t buy those outdated terms of “everyone is equal in front of the speaker” anymore. Such phrases were meaninglessly preached to us for too long.
With this in mind, we started our agency. We don´t take an equal, divers, and carefree nightlife for granted so we want to work towards it.
We are providing trainings for club-staff, coordinating, and improving internal and external communication processes, lastly, we broker ideas and services. To Improve, to empower and to sustain a nightlife we love, with love.

Alle für den Dackel.
Alle für den Klub.

All for the Dackel,
All fort he Klub.

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